1. MotoX

    My desire to wear diapers is gone

    Hey, haven't been here for awhile and probably won't be on much more but I wanted to post this here. I am what I would call, a former Diaper Lover. I had a desire for wearing diapers since.....well, ever since I can remember. Now I have done the whole purge thing so I know that this isn't it. I...
  2. Littleabgirl

    Need help to stop

    Hey bABies and DL's, Basically, for various reasons (relationship, etc) I need to stop my AB play for a while. So not even wearing at night. If I was on a 'purge' then this would be fine and easy. But i'm not. I don't feel ready to give up at the moment but it would be healthier for me to do...
  3. Y

    Referbished ps3

    I'm thinking about going half on a Playstation 3 with my brother. To save a little money we're thinking about going with a Game Stop referbished system. So I ask are they just as good as a new system?