1. PamperedBottom

    What celebrity would be the funniest

    to discover that you pooped in your diaper, who would have the best reaction?
  2. PamperedBottom

    People you always wanted to be Diapered by

    I realize there is already a thread along these line, but this is a more specific thread. As a kid, once you realized you liked diapers I find with most people, or at least myself, there were certain people whether it was someone famous or someone I knew that I used to pretend in my mind being...
  3. PamperedBottom

    I hope I'm not weird :(

    But, for some reason I like the smell of a poopy diaper. Not the smell of poop in specific, but the babyish scent of a Pamper's or Luvs diaper mixed with the scent of poop. It for some reason makes me feel extremely babyish inside, like I did a bad thing. it makes me feel weird though, I hope...
  4. PamperedBottom

    Cutest "uh oh" phrase

    If you were little and being babysat, what would you want the babysitter to say to you if they discovered that your diaper was stinky?