1. T

    Overrated/Overpriced Video Games

    I found >this< Thread by BabyTyrant and startet thinking about what games in my Steam library are Underrated, but the only game I found was overrated/overpriced (in my opinion In my case it is not a real game but a Mod for Portal 2: Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative its a really...
  2. Larzrum85

    Steam Friends

    I'm looking for more friends to play games with on steam. I play mostly the free games like Unturned, and mmorppg games. Fell free to add me'
  3. lilkayden

    Steam Summer Sale

    Any steam game on top of your shopping list? I just picked up Saints Row the third, The full package for $7.49 @ 75% off :) I'm hoping Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World will be cheaper than 33% off. I'm not sure what else to get since I already own a lot of steam games :)
  4. Wheatley

    Any Dungeon Defenders players out here?

    I'm brand new to DD (as in, just started today), and I'd really like it if I could find a group of nice peeps to play with and level up with. I'm making the assumption that, while it is fun, it's not as fun on your own.
  5. clyde

    TF2 Uber Update + Free to Play

    Team Fortress 2, "the most fun you can have online" (~ PC Gamer) recently had an update released called the Uber update. At the same time, Team Fortress 2 became Free-to-Play. That is, you can play the game without paying any money. I think this is pretty awesome. The Uber update is pretty...
  6. matthew

    Steam games Whats your fav game?

    Well prettymuch the title says all :P what is your fav steam game? can be a list or 1 game :P i have a few but after all i love garys mod :D
  7. Fire2box


    Well does anyone have the PC game AudioSurf? As far as I know you can only buy it from Steam which is Valve's own Itunes for videogames it seams. The game costs 9.95 and its sort of like guitar hero with a mouse. But the best thing about the game is that it lets you use ANY music as long as its...