star wars

  1. Xzanza

    Nerd Talk

    I made this thread for people who want to talk about geeky things; all are welcome!
  2. BayB8

    Star Wars the Old Republic MMO

    Anyone playing SWTOR at all? I used to play when it first came back and thought about going back. Wondering if there is anyone who is playing it.
  3. S

    Star Wars: Battlefront for PC

    Hello everyone, I just got battlefront for PC. The game is awesome but I don't have any friends to play it with. If anyone else is in the same boat...Please add my Origin name (shunryux) to your friends list. Have a happy holiday season everyone and game on!
  4. S

    A Star Wars Adventure

    Another boring day Space was boring. She was definitely sure of that. The stars stretched off in a seemingly endless stream as far as the eye could see. The vista only changed when the ship dropped in and out of hyperspace. Even then the only difference was whether the stars were individual pin...
  5. Jxleo

    Star Wars battlefront 3?

    Most of us have played/ heard of Star Wars Battlefront I & II, and with E3 '11 ended and no annocement of a Stars Wars Battlefront III, do you still think there is hope for this series? Or do you think there will be an annocement Comic-con '11? It has been awhile since any offical news has...
  6. Toddy


    Anyone gunna play the new Star wars MMO (star wars the old republic) the game doesn't come out til spring 2011 but I am really excited about it.