1. Sitherus

    I might be a little diaper crazy

    I might be a little crazy when it comes to finding cheap diapers in stores. I see them I cant take my mind off of them even though i have hundreds at home and i still end up buying them. I was at goodwill yesterday and found a bag of 62 pullups. I know they suck but how often do i see diapers at...
  2. K

    Best diaper stacks/combos!

    Time to have a discussion on what kinds of diapers you like to "stack"! Do you like a Bambino with an Abena Abri-let Maxi over an Attends? Or perhaps you like an Abena Abriform X-Plus under a Secure? Maybe a Secure X-Plus with a Tena Super is your cup of tea. Maybe on weekends you change it up...