1. SquishyAlien

    Greetings Earthlings!

    Hey everyone! I'm SquishyAlien, (But you can just call me Alien =)). I have been browsing these forums for a long time, learning how to communicate with lesser lifeforms. I finally after a few earth years feel that I have learned enough to join this forum, and make first contact. So, a bit about...
  2. H

    the best squishy diapers

    I've been sampling various brands of diapers and I've decided that I like the feel of "squishy" diapers the most. Depends protection with tabs and Tranquility ATNs are the squishiest in my opinion. What other brands are squishy? I've tried Abena M4's and some of the old Bambinos and they...
  3. H

    Anyone else find that store brand diapers are better to wet?

    I've noticed that when i get the store brand diapers and I wet them they tend to get a lot more squishy than the more expensive diapers do. I find this a tad annoying though as they are more expensive for less absorbancy. At the moment though I just use lille classic, iD expert and the attends...
  4. SpAzpieSweeTot

    Best diapey for me?

    This may be weird, but that crinkly sound hurts my ears, and tattles on me, which hurts my feelings. Is there anything out there that gets good and squishy when wet, holds a good bit, & has a cloth back. I'd be changed about 4 times in 24 hours. Would Abena abri-form Premium be good? With my...