1. I

    Sports team/ gym class?

    Hey! I'm an incontinent athlete and I was wondering if anyone on here also has experience wearing diapers while being on a sports team and if your team knew? Did you change into your uniform in front of all of them? how did they react? when I played tennis I wore goodnites and no one knew...
  2. U

    Hello from a London lad

    Hi there After having been a reader of this forum for a few months now i decided to take the plunge and join. About me - I'm a sporty, active guy from London, UK and i wear a nappy 24/7. And why I'm here - I have ADHD and have always had bedwetting problems which ha resulted in me pretty...
  3. Hotdog55

    Super Bowl

    Who do you want? As a Giants fan I don't have a dog in this fight, but I think it would be nice for the Falcons to win their first championship, plus I get tired of the same team always winning so if the patriots lose I'm fine with that. I know there's some patriots fans on here, any Falcons...
  4. Dragon of Shadows

    Curling. who has played it?

    hello everyone. i am just wondering who has played curling and what they think about it and what or if they have a reason for playing it. i have played curling for 6 years now and i love it!!!! i started playing it because i am not very strong and most other sports have a lot of contact to them...
  5. RzHeck

    Hobbies and intrests

    Hey I'm curious as to what some of the community members do in their spare time, besides the obvious. For example I'm a rock climber I started the beginning of this year but I freaking love it. Is there anyone else who's a avid climber. Or do you have another hobby that you absolutely in love with?
  6. M

    Sports and diapers

    So i know that a while back there was a thread like this but we have new members coming in everyday so i thought i'd ask this question? Has anyone ever played a sport while diapered? I've always wanted to try it, and someday hope to do so. I know that you need to take proper care not to chaffe...
  7. Zazi

    Hello adisc!!!

    Well I am a pretty average guy for the most part. I am a student at a local community college (hopefully I will be able to transfer to a University) and on the side (or maybe even in the forefront) I am in a band and hope to be able to turn that into a career. I am very outgoing and love to...
  8. C

    The Intro of a Musician/Athlete/Engineer

    Hey Everyone, Similarly to most everyone here, I've made a profile because of an interest in diapers. I've no idea why, but I'm a straight male TB/AB/DL more or less (more or less TB/AB/DL, not more or less straight male, that would just be backwards to say), for better or for worse. Also, I'm...
  9. Z

    Just the new kid

    im new and just thought i should say hey I play competitive hockey ( post if u play hockey too) as for diapers i just read stories mostly, not enough balls to buy and hide mostly because i would almost definetly get caught i come here on stressful times when exams are something are coming...
  10. B

    Hello all!

    Hello! first i'd like to say im glad to be on here as it's great to find a place to discuss all things TB/DL related and non related. My name is Quentin (named after the famous director, who is now my favorite director) and I was born in Maryland, U.S.A. My dad was in the Navy (still is) and my...
  11. Coyote_Howl

    Champions League Final

    Anyone going to be watching tomorrow? and if so who are you rooting for? I personally cannot wait for this game and of the two teams I would love to see Die Bayern take it. Granted if Inter won I wouldn't be too upset by it either (as long as Chelsea, Man Utd, or Real Madrid don't win it, I'm...
  12. pampersonly

    nitro circus diapered

    i just downloaded the first season for nitro circus and in the 9th episode travis pastranas dad is wearing a diaper finally my 2 passion as one diapers and extreme sports :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: