1. Sarevok

    Hello everyone! (My late introduction.)

    Hello, I am Sarevok. When I first joined this forum, I only wanted to have more access than a non-registered user had. Back then I was still very new to online communities that focused on ABDL, etc, and I wasn't comfortable participating. But last year I decided that I was ready to give it a...
  2. L

    Did you ever watch Spongebob?

    So, this just randomly popped into my mind but did anyone here watch Spongebob when you were little? I was in like 2nd grade I think when it first came one but anyway is it just me or was it WAYYY funnier then? The old ones (to me) are so hilarious! They're as funny to me now as they were then...
  3. Raccoon

    AB/DLism in popular culture

    Let's begin with the old classic: Baby Snatchers 0.o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CStfT8gCrjM