1. Hex

    Tip for web developers regarding computer speed

    If you do development of web applications and your computer is slow to boot, you might want to stop some of the services of your testing servers and things from running automatically. I got a new Vista laptop a few weeks back and it booted in about 10 seconds. Then I installed all my web stuff...
  2. D

    Internet speeds

    hi. i was wondering what is everyones internet speeds. visit speedtest.net and post your speed this is mine EDIT:soz didnt reasise that there was another thread like this,lol plz mods delete this thread.
  3. Dude84

    How fast is your internet connection?

    This is somewhat random (for me) but i've just been involved in a chat with a friend of mine (we normally discuss lots of random and unrelated stuff, have since we met each other 8 years ago) and the subject of internet connections came up, the speed of them... So, I ran mine through Speed...
  4. ShippoFox

    internet speed issue?

    Okay, I think there's something not right here.... 768 Kbps downstream/128 Kbps upstream is my connection. When I download things, I rarely ever get 100kb/s. It's usually a bit slower than that. Is something messed up? Also, it costs about $40/month (in US dollars). Is that a ripoff?