1. tiny

    Laurel or Yanny?! (audio illusion)

    This is the latest thing to take over the internet. There is a (modified) audio clip of a person speaking. Some people hear the word "laurel", while others hear "yanny". I know! They're not even close in pronunciation! I played the video and I actually hear "yammy" (with Ms instead of Ns)...
  2. Poofybutt

    Tastes and Sounds That Make you Regress

    Hey there, For me I find that regressing is a multi-sensory activity that involves a combination of all the basic senses (Sight, Taste, Smell, Touch and Hearing). A lot of people talk about what physical sensations trigger their regression and even the types of smells that put them into baby...
  3. W

    The hissing sound :)

    Who else on here gets a big kick out of when you wet your diaper (or pants) just the right way and it makes a loud hissing sound, To me it makes the expirence that much better, what do you think?
  4. S

    Diaper tapes!!!

    Is it weird that I LOVE the sound of the tapes on diapers? I just sounds so great when opening them. Also which diaper (adult or baby) has the best tapes?
  5. W

    Greetings Y'All! Wannabe present! =)

    Hello there everyone out there! I'm excited to find this website! I grew up (still growing up) very confused and scared of the fact that I liked diapers... I didn't really understand why I did. I now know why I WAS scared. I was because I didn't like (and still don't) to be judged and...
  6. betagame

    Heaphones Or Earbuds???

    I personally like headphones because they don't fall out of my ears at the slightest movement with most earbuds. I mean iPod earbuds, Noise Canceling, and similar ones like it.
  7. Jakethefox

    as if I couldnt do any more to my audio

    Yes, I could. and I have Setup 11! highs - 1 KLH outdoor speaker, 1 Allegro outdoor speaker (both 40w ones) High/mids - 2 Pioneer Blue label 6.50s in 1cu.ft. boxes tuned to 45hz mids/midbass - 2 Pioneer White label 6x9s in 1cu.ft. boxes tuned to 60hz midbass/bass - 2 Acoustic Research AR4X...