1. I

    Invented DIY diaper donner for those who can't change their own.

    My invalid 300 pound incontinent (urinal & fecal) roommate with 10 inch diameter leg calves (Lymphedema) became unable to change her own pull-up diapers 9 to 15 times per 24 hour day because she couldn't reach past her knees. That task fell to me and I was literally dying from lack of RIM sleep...
  2. FoxyFox

    Skype-aholics Unite!

    Hey, everyone! I have recently found a glitch in the Skype system and I'm almost sure I have a solution to the problem. So, if anyone is getting an "error message" when trying to connect to Voice/Video Calls and Skype is ultimately crashing because of it, please post here so I'll know it's not...
  3. D

    This may be a new idea for heavy wetters (males).

    I had an illness with fever and was given a medication which gave me diarrhea at first. (This is not about the diarrhea, though.) Because of the diarrhea, I wore a Prevail brand light pull-up type diaper to bed as a precaution. Either the illness or the medication made me wet the bed big time...