1. MatalicPebble

    Energy drinks (Love them or hate them)

    Do you love them? If so what kinds? If you hate them then are there any caffeinated drinks you prefer? Coffee, tea, soda; Whats your thing? . . My input My family and friends don't like that I drink them, but I only get them once in a blue moon. I like to have one on Christmas morning and of...
  2. FievelandTonyAB93

    Favorite soda?

    Any of you who drink soda, what is your most favorite soda that you like to drink? I don't drink regular or diet sodas, but I do drink the Pepsi/Mountain Dew Throwbacks from PepsiCo and imported Coca-Cola from Mexico (basically a Coca Cola with real cane sugar in a glass bottle). My ultimate...
  3. W

    new mountain dew

    What do you guys think of the 3 new mountain dew flavors? My personal fav is the hawaiian, orange looking one!
  4. S

    Pop or Soda?

    What is your choice? I wonder whether it is regional or not so post your region (US or otherwise) along with your choice.
  5. betagame

    Do you like your beverages cold in winter?

    I do drink cold drinks and eat ice cream in winter just like it was summertime.
  6. Pramrider

    Ice Cream Floats

    I owe the inspiration for this topic to Musickid's "Favorite Soda Pop" thread.:thumbsup: Any of you younger members ever have a Coke, 7-Up, or any other kind of ice cream float? You might have also known of them by the name "ice cream soda". In Baltimore they were always called "floats". They...
  7. betagame

    Coke or Pepsi?

    Poll: Coke Pepsi