1. KimiWL

    Anime, Video Game and Sports fan from Germany

    Hello everyone, first sorry, if my English isn't that good. I am Kimi and I live in Germany. My desire for diapers began when I was a little kid (little bit later after my regular diaper time). After a long time of several inner crises I started to research about it in last spring and found...
  2. A

    Brazil 2014 Football World Cup

    While waiting for England v Italy to start... Anyone here following the football (soccer) world cup? (I'm surprised that I haven't found a thread on that yet, especially given the insanely high media coverage it gets, at least here in the UK) Which team do you support? Which team(s) other...
  3. P

    Wearing catheter and diaper to gym / doing sports?

    Hi! I am new to this site. I am 23. I am now doing bodybuilding and I go to the gym everyday. I am now wondering whether it is appropriate to wear both catheters and diapers while I am working out. Will there be any sound? Is it uncomfortable, or is it thrilling? Where can I change my catheter...
  4. S


    Hey, I'm Soccerfreak, and i just joined the site. I'm 15 years old, headed into my sophmore year of high school. So pumped that i'm one step closer to being an upperclassman. :D I've had an interest in diapers forever. For instance: back when i was in elementary school i dared my cousin to wear...
  5. MrMcAwesome

    SA World Cup 2010

    ok well i havent seen a thread like this yet, but then i could have missed it anyway if there is already one i appologise. Anyway who do you all think will win the world cup? At the moment i think spain are the favourites but i think argentina have a good chance specially if tevez is on form...
  6. Shredder92

    Football (soccer) should they make a european league?

    Now, This week a question of whether a 'super League' of the 60 top teams In europe should be made. This would take the teams out of many of the existing leagues, such as The Premiership, La Liga etc. My question is, Do you think this should happen? I think that it probably won't go forward...
  7. fuctifano


    I'm a big football fan. When I say football, I mean soccer. Anyone else a fan? If so, which team do you support/follow? I'm a supporter of Celtic Football Club based in Glasgow.