1. H

    Snuggies or Molicare (or space)?

    So I've got some money left at the end of the month, which is nice. 20 snuggies waddlers, 14 molicare super plus or 10 abu space diapers... What would you get and why?
  2. S

    Placed an order and was slightly surprised

    So I recently made an order through eBay. Now, for me because I live in my own house and my husband knows about my fetishes I never took much stock in what the shipping label said. Upon arrival I discovered my package had a shipping label with a very detailed description lol It was labelled as...
  3. G

    "Flood" of new AB/DL diapers hitting the market

    Has anyone else noticed that there has been a large amount of diapers hitting the market lately? With ABU back in business carrying 2 new types of diapers (and actually delivering, even though i never had an issue), DC Amor and the gen 2 pink diapers, Snuggies and the new overnight series, Aww...
  4. A

    Snuggies Overnights: Finally Got em!

    I also uploaded more in Imgur : Link Here here they are the! Copy of my comment on Reddit: Just F.Y.I : I got them just now, picked up locally, OMG. This is my opinion but I have to share it, they are very comfy and has snug fit, Just as the Snuggies name implies lol... The colors are much...
  5. WearingClouds

    Snuggies update please read!

    On their Tumblr, snuggies posted this.. "snuggiesdiapers Snuggies Diapers CAP Con 2015 Fresh off our trip to Folsom Street fair Snuggies Diapers is excited to announce that we will be at CAPCON 2015, an Age Player Convention in our home town of Chicagoland. The convention will be held March 27...