1. SuperTed

    Plastic pants for disposables

    Does anyone know of any plastic pants which are designed for use with disposables? So far I only know of these: These I have several pairs and they are really fantastic. They have a wonderfully snug but comfortable fit. I...
  2. K

    Tightest/snuggest Diaper?

    What is the tightest or snuggest diaper you've used? I'm looking for one that fits to the body really well and isn't too thick. I was thinking good nights for a pull on style diaper, but are there any with tapes like this? I want one where the padding is up against your skin in the crotch, not...
  3. K

    Pullup or real diaper for snug fit?

    I started out with goodnites. I really liked them, they were snug and were really comfortable. Now im getting to big for them. I want something that can hold my entire bladder and still be snug, but i also want something real. I just bought a pack of tena briefs and they are HUGE but fit my...
  4. T

    whats the right way to put on a diaper

    I just ordered my Bambino teddy diapers and I was wondering what's the correct way to put them on for the best snug fit .And what advice could you offer aoubt these awesome diapers? X3
  5. Pramrider

    I'm Sooo Jealous...

    Just happened across this Youtube video: YouTube - big baby You might want to view it muted or volume down because it looks like the girls might be loud. Trying to figure how she did it. These newer style walkers are the only baby walkers I've never been able to fit into. :frown: Though older...