1. ChozenForLife


    I guess this breaks my silence as a lurker I'm an 18 year old straight Diaper Lover I currently reside in Canada (going through year 12 High School) My main interest is snowboarding, then it would be watersports. Glad to be here and learn more about my interest
  2. I

    hello I´m new here!!

    Hello I am a quiet guy who likes to cook and play guitar in my day off and now in winter i also do snowboarding. I work as a chef for many years and i really enjoy it and i feel good to work with something that i love. I like to use diapers but i can´t use them as much as i want because i share...
  3. BabyDemon

    Ski/Snowboarding Movies

    I was just curious if anyone had heard any hype on the the 2009-2010 Ski/Snowboard Movies. I'm for sure going to pick up Absinthe Films: Neverland, but I'm kind of a sucker for the videos. Optimistic? made me want to snowboard more then anything I've ever seen. I'll go see this years Warren...