1. A

    dealing with the smell

    so i have looked around a bit and have yet to really find a thread dedicated to dealing with the smell of used diapers, so i'll post what i have learned here and hopefully some new ideas will come up. so far the best solution i have found for containing the smell of used diapers is a military...
  2. dlguy4life

    Scented Colognes

    Has anyone tried the "Baby Powder" or "New Baby" fragrance cologne scents from Demeter? (see links below) I've always been searching for the perfect scent that represents that smell of the freshly opened pack of Luvs/Pampers diapers. I wonder if these fragrances smell anything like that...
  3. D

    Diaper smells on furniture?

    So, I see a lot of threads asking about not smelling bad when wearing diapers... But nothing about the things you lie down on or sit on when wearing diapers. It seems that anything that comes in contact with a diaper, ends up getting a "diaper smell". So, if you sleep in diapers, your bed...
  4. Pokogirl

    A Bittersweet Bedwetting Experience

    Hello.I have started wearing diapers for about 2 months.A few weeks I had the experience of wetting the bed.First I shall state my experience. Although I have worn diapers to bed before,it was the first time when I had actually wet it in bed.I had problems peeing while lying down and so I could...
  5. tomviper000

    Diaper scent

    I know there are a couple old threads on diaper scent (newest one I saw was 2 years ago), but what are y'all finding these days that is similar to that old vintage baby diaper scent? I remember I would purposely walk down the diaper isle at the grocery store or retail store to smell that...
  6. B

    How to get rid of smell?

    I have kept my used diapers in this closet and now the closet has started to smell bad. I realize now that there seems to be some problems with my disposing methods. Think I have to use more layers of plastic bags in the future and dispose diapers more frequently. But anyway, I'd like to know...
  7. H

    ATN tranquility diaper/ urine smell

    So when I got up today I put on my atn diaper and wore it for a while and then wet it and when I changed and got rid of the diaper ( I threw it in the garbage outside), but the smell won't go away it is lingering, I cleaned myself after taking it off
  8. xtrabulk

    "Hempers" diapers

    Anyone heard of thesehttp:// Adult Hempers Sorry, getting used to my tablet. But anyway, they seem to be a great price. However, the grammar is you trust them? I've always wanted tk try hemp, but if it, stripping my cloth diapers as we speak!
  9. G


    For as long as I can remember I've had a fascination and desire for diapers. A few months ago I stumbled upon the ab/dl community and decided I wanted to eventually give it a try. As such, today I took the long hike across town to purchase a large pack of goodnites after figuring out all of the...
  10. ArtikSnow

    Complete Diaper Guide By TailsZelin

    Complete Diaper Guide: Throughout my child hood I would always try to find ways to deal with diapers without my parents knowing. Overtime I gained knowledge on how to do so even down to the smell of them and this has helped me hide them for all these years and my parents never found out about...
  11. CodyTehFox

    Enjoying the Smell of a Wet Diaper

    I'm not sure how to completely get across what's on my mind, but it's something that I keep thinking about and I figured here was the place to ask. Firstly I want to know that I'm not into the sexual aspects of wearing diapers, more the comfort and the ability to wet without going to the...
  12. SuperRaiUniverse

    Masking the smell for my roommate? (Messing question)

    Ok, so. I'm going to be moving in with a friend next month, and he knows that I like to wear diapers and supports it. I've worn around him several times now since this summer. Still, he's not a huge fan of me using my diapers. He doesn't mind if I do, he just doesn't want it to be painfully...
  13. A

    Diaper smell when wet

    I have noticed a certain smell that comes off my dry 24/7s when I wet them. The smell seems to trigger something in me. Attends smell great to me when wet as well. Not as dominent as old attends but still there. When touch the front the smell of the wet plastic rubs off onto my hands. Anyone...
  14. Y

    Techniques for hiding odor, please contribute!

    This is my first post as a long time lurker, so Hello everyone! I wanted to start a thread here on diaper talk so that we could perhaps all help each other in ways to hide residual odors. My case is that I have graduated high school recently and now want to start using diapers in my room. I mean...
  15. NikonFilmPhotog

    Question On Incontinent Shaving

    In my studying and reading online it is recommended that you shave your hair when wearing to prevent odors being absorbed into the hairs. Do those of you that are incontinent keep clean shaven all of the time to stop any possible smell absorption or is it really not needed?