1. KittyninjaW

    How does one have little time in a small space?

    Hello Everyone, First off things are going pretty decent for me, and I am doing well on my classes so far, anyway what I want to know is how to have little time in a small space like my bedroom, I mean I have a small space in my room and I want to enjoy it but it is so small and I was wondering...
  2. bambinod

    Bambino now has Rearz Safari in stock, S,M,L,XL

    Just got an email from And yes, they even have size Small, for all you toothpicks here! (though at over $3/pc by the case, too rich for my blood)
  3. NorthShoreAdam

    NorthShore Supreme Briefs (Plastic Backed) Size Small Available

    Our size small NorthShore Supreme Briefs are finally in stock and ready to ship. Thanks to all of you who have recommended we add this size which is very hard to find in other brands. Samples available upon request. Size small is our model 1228 and available online at...
  4. foxytiger

    Very Unhappy With My New Diapers

    So, I bought diapers today at my local Rite Aid located just down the street from me. When I looked at the weight, it clearly stated 60-120 lbs. I only weigh 94 and it was only $8.00. So I bought them because I thought they would be good and it was cheap. So, I drove home excited and tried them...
  5. kratox

    Could the Euro Brief could be the next best small diaper?

    Let me explain some stuff before I get to the eurobrief. Well I have been looking around for the next small diaper for me and I have come tot he conclusion that the tena maxi is the best out there as of right now. Sadly the price was just to much for me. I was used to paying 23 dollars for a 22...
  6. kratox

    We need more small diapers

    I have tried a lot of small diapers and am frankly upset with the performance on a lot of them. I do understand there might not be a lot of small people, but this is ridiculous. Companies can not just forget about small waist people in society. These companies are missing out on on profits. The...
  7. kratox

    Cuddlz onesie Size

    I finally got my onesie from cuddlz and I am a little disappointed because I ordered a size small but its to big on me. Do you think I should sell it on ebay ,sew it to fit me, or try and shrink it in the wash? I really don't want to send this back because it took like 3 weeks to get here...
  8. kratox

    Best affordable small diaper

    What is the best priced diaper for a small person? I have been feeling like i am wasting my diapers and am looking for some that i could wear during the day that would absorb a decent amount, comfortable and would be cheap. I have looked at tranquility Attns reviews but there where way to many...
  9. chipbutty

    Diapers too large?

    About a month ago I purchased my first diapers online, Abena x-plus size small. I wear size 30/30 levi's jeans, so I thought I would be above the middle of the stated measurements (24-31 inch waist/hips.) Well, I forgot that I am pretty far underweight. So the leg tabs end up going a tiny bit...
  10. S

    Bambino: All Small sizes discontinued?

    Title pretty much explains it. For a while, the Biancos were the only ones that came in size small, but now NONE of their products come in size small. The only size-small that they have on the site are the Molicare super plus's, which also may not be there for much longer. Have they completely...
  11. Alpha

    Bambino-Considering downsizing, need opinions

    So I'm considering ordering the small size of Bambino's for my second order. Same price, but getting 8 more diapers sounds right up my alley. I wear 34 inch waist clothing so that puts me in their upper bracket. Second, does the downsize reduce absorbancy? Though I've had a few times where the...
  12. BernardFx

    What's the smallest diaper you can fit into?

    I'm just curious. I'm slim for my age, and can fit (tigtly, I must say) into almost any baby diaper size 4!:biggrin: I don't modify it, ore use duct tape, or anything. Just stretch it to the max. But they sometimes rip by the tab area.
  13. paciboy

    How to make diapers last

    I only hav a small supply of diapers and i cant easily get more so i hav been reusing diapers (not using them of course). I usually just wear them for comfort until my parents arent home, then i use them. But anyway, every time i take a diaper off, the tapes get messed up and then it gets...