1. A

    How do you accept yourself

    I've been interested in little stuff since.. forever? I've always just sort of assumed it was normal, I guess. I've always been happy to say I'm the youngest in my friend group or have people treat/talk to me like I'm a kid. I also just like the thought of "children's things". Like, seeing a...
  2. leicesterfan

    X-Plus or Tena Slip

    Hi guys, Next weekend will be the first at home completely by myself for ages so I want to use that opportunity to buy some diapers so they can be delivered when no-one else is in. However, its been so long since I bought online, I can't remember which diapers are best. I have been using some...
  3. Fenrierlilfolf

    tena slip, wrong size?

    Ok, so, I've tried the medium before, and it fitted me perfectly. I bought big size for a while, and today, I bought another pack of mediu size ones. on the package, it says from 28 to 44, but it wasn't true. I am a 36 waist, and they fitted barely D: I ccan help but wonder if something went...
  4. LittleGinge

    Tena Slip In-Store in Australia?

    Hi all! I am going to be going to Australia some time next year. I have wanted to try Tena Slips since the day I heard about them. So, my question to you is this: Is it possible to buy Tena Slips in-store in Australia? If so, how much do they cost (in AUD, that is)? I know that you can get...
  5. R

    anyone know where i can get tena slip ??

    its pissing me off, i been looking everywhere for tena slip or somthing like it . i dont want to buy over the internet and i been looking in shops but nothing. does anyone know a shop where i can get them ? i live in london england :dunno: