1. L

    Another bedwetting mishap?

    Hey everyone! It's Aubrey. I posted yesterday about the weird occurance that my gf ran into with her sudden bedwetting habit, which led me to do further research on what could have happened and cases similar to it. One of the ones I'm sure we all (or a good few of us had) experienced at sleep...
  2. N

    Morning rituals

    What are everyones morning rituals when they wake up diapered? I usually like to be lazy for a bit in my wet diaper, have breakfast, take the dog out and then if i have the day off just chill in a diaper for the rest of the day.
  3. A

    Using pacifiers/dummies long-term

    I'm English so I'm going to reserve the right to call it a dummy! I use a dummy a lot- basically if I'm alone and not eating or drinking, it's in my mouth. I also sleep with it and it stays in my mouth all night. Shout out to all the other babies who use dummies- which I'm guessing is all of...
  4. C

    Sleeping In a Messy Diaper

    I love messing my diaper before going to bed and sleeping in it X3 What about you guys? Tell me your stories ;)
  5. Transponyprincess

    Return to Diapers

    I just bought my first pack of diapers after over 1 year of not wearing any. I did go through a period where my interest in them dropped after coming out as transgender and transitioning. I decided to give them another try with a pack of Goodnites and found that my interest in wearing them is...
  6. bvb123

    Sleeping with Pacifier

    Can someone please help me with learning how to sleep with a pacifier? I just can't get the hang of it and numerous things stop me from sleeping while sucking one like my teeth hurting etc
  7. M

    Good disposables for side sleeping?

    So i was wondering, are there any good and affordable diosable diapers that can be worn at night if u are a side sleeper? I'm using the tena slip maxi and i always sleep on my side, and it just leaks sometimes. Do can anyone give me some advice, would be appreciated, thanx guys:)
  8. Emileigh

    Kind of random, but...

    Alright, so I have a question, mostly for people who have random sleep schedules, or have issues with sleeping. I've been having issues with keeping a sleeping at night/awake during the day schedule. Currently I go to bed at noon everyday. I heard it was fairly unhealthy to do so, so I thought...
  9. PetPuppyAlex

    How much sleep do you guys get?/How do you guys sleep?

    Do you usually get good sleep or bad sleep? How much sleep is adequate for you to go through your day fine with? How much sleep is too MUCH sleep for you? Is there such thing as too much sleep for you? Where do ya sleep? What times do you sleep during the day? Do you lay on your side or what? Do...