sleeping in diapers

  1. T

    Sleep Wet or Sleep Dry?

    I'm thinking of going to bed padded. I'm just wondering if it'd be better to go to bed a little wet or sleep dry and wet in the morning. I havn't wet the bed since i was 11 so these are the options. Also, are there any other bed time dialer tips you'd suggest?
  2. Pokogirl

    This may make you wet while asleep

    A lot of us including me want to experience the joy of going while asleep & waking up in a wet diaper. But this isn't easy as it sounds. I have broken the boundaries & now am able to wet while lying, in bed, in every position. I drink lots of water before going to bed but still don't wet it...
  3. W

    Sleeping + a little daytime wearing (diaper rash)

    Hi, Im a male, I usually wear an M4 to bed almost every night pretty much 5-6 nights a week, and I sometimes where them just during the day and night seldomly when i have the house to myself, and I always wet them cuz i enjoy it, and I don't change them right away, so I'll sleep in wet diaper or...
  4. Sitherus

    Do you sleep in just a diaper, or nude?

    I bought a cloth diaper just to feel comfortable in it and like me to feel happy. I wear it to sleep every night no pants no shirt. I was thinking if there was a fire or the alarm went off or if for some reason you had to run of of the house.would you take to time to put on pants and burn to...
  5. B

    Do you really want this?

    Hi guys I'm new to the forums but really felt the need to share this topic somewhere! Last night I had a couple of drinks and decided to participate in your diapered friday night event. I often wear a nappy to bed but every time i wake up it is always dry and clean unless i have consciously wet...
  6. Sitherus

    Looking for a specific diaper

    I've tried allot of disposables, but i Want to try some cloth diapers, and I have a preference although i don't know if it exists. Here's what I want, I want to find a diaper that is thick and bulky that fits me right and is soft to emulate a diaper. I want to sleep in it not to use it but to...