sleep better

  1. SillySwampert

    Getting a proper sleep while babied

    I'm making this thread at around...6 a.m. my time. I have spent the night in a makeshift crib, a layered diaper and a pacifier clipped to my shirt. It would've made for a great night...if I had gotten a proper night's rest from it all. Almost every 15 minutes, I found myself rolling or turning...
  2. Sitherus

    Looking for a specific diaper

    I've tried allot of disposables, but i Want to try some cloth diapers, and I have a preference although i don't know if it exists. Here's what I want, I want to find a diaper that is thick and bulky that fits me right and is soft to emulate a diaper. I want to sleep in it not to use it but to...
  3. L

    How to sleep better?

    I'm beginning to think I may have acute insomnia...I just can't sleep at all! It's hard enough for me to get to sleep at night (if at all) and then when I do, I wake up all the time. I know that stress can cause it, but I'm not sure I'm stressed about anything. Well, not anymore. But anyway...
  4. B

    Bigger Diapers = Cozier Night

    oki, so i usually wear drynights to bed (now and again) but recently i have been to excited and thinking about them to fall asleep... but the other night i made some makeshift towel diapers (that are HUGE and BULKY) that make your legs go appart and you cant walk in them without waddeling. so i...