1. tomviper000

    Ski Season Open... Diapers?

    I have thought before it might be fun to ski in diapers and when I was skiing yesterday, I thought the same thing particularly when I had to go while going up the lift. It also seems like it might get uncomfortable and the tapes are bound to pop off with the movements you're making and if you...
  2. F


    helli i ma fofrogdude22 and i love to ski and snowmobile and i may need to wear a diaper because i cant hold my bladder well while skiing:sweatdrop:
  3. Apexxx

    Hello there!

    Hey there! I love to do anything I can to stay active and hate it when i regularly can't be apart of a sports team. I have played soccer all my life and have loved every bit of it. I have lived in many different countries over my lifetime and soccer seems to have been the only sport to be played...