1. Demonbabywearspamps

    ABU sale but my size is out of stock?

    Since abu just started their sale I wanted to get a bag of PeekABUs but they're out of XL+ so I'm wondering if they'll restock them during the sale? Does anyone know or think that would happen?
  2. Demonbabywearspamps

    Diaper sizing?

    Is it possible to be too big for diapers? My waist size is 46 inches and is hard to find diapers that aren't XL (or XL+ like peekabus) that fit me.
  3. Dashsanta

    Don't know what to get!! Help!!

    Hey people!! Lately I've been feeling more like a little girl and have been curious about exploring that side of me. I want to get into getting little girl clothes and stuff for little space. Just wondering about sizing? Stuff I want would be like dresses, skirts, little girl undies / panties...
  4. S

    Diaper Sizing Help?

    I've been looking to get a pack of kid's diapers or pull ups but they don't seem to offer measurement sizing beyond weights, so I'm hoping someone here will know what might fit me. It's my first time buying diapers and I don't have a lot of money to spare so I can't really do a lot of trial and...
  5. kashi

    Need help with Pantie sizes

    Hello! So I've got a quick question I've done my measurements and done some minor sampling in the past though I'm still somewhat unsure of the sizing. My waist line is about 34 and my hips are roughly 37 in inches. My sizing tape is a tad off I think because I can wear jeans that are a 33...
  6. Shyanne

    Onesie sizing?

    I need some help. So I ordered one from baby-pants but it's too big. Can't seem to return it. So I am gonna try to get another one. I measured myself though and am a little confused which one I should get. My measurements: Length: 35" Chest: 46" Waist: 42"
  7. R

    Small diapers?

    Hello! So recently I've been wearing more and more and I'm realizing that medium diapers in the Bambino Bellissimo and the Cushies are to big in the gusset area. Waist is alright but because they're so big when I wet and they bunch up I have major leakage around the insides of my legs...
  8. L

    ABDL Clothing... Men's size or for Sissy's only.

    So i'm an ABDL Girl. Five foot eight and wear women's medium to large... Hips have been a curse all my life. If I could weigh less than a hundred pounds again I would . When i'm on the auction sites or searching for clothing in my size, they always make the stuff I want to fit men. I would love...
  9. G

    What size Depends Fitted Briefs?

    I've never purchased diapers with tapes before and can only buy in-store at the moment, so I'm planning on purchasing Depends Fitted Briefs. However, My waist size is EXACTLY between the two sizes offered, (S/M 19-34 and L/Xl 35-49) so my waist is about 34 and 1/2 inches. Can anyone tell me...
  10. P

    Baby pants sizing question

    Hello, I'm going to be ordering a onesie and cloth training pants from baby pants soon, but I'm not sure what size to get since the fabric isn't pre shrunk. I wear a size 28 or 29 pants, and fit into Goodnites XL diapers snuggly. Should I get the medium in training pants to allow for shrinkage...
  11. U

    Diaper Sizing??

    Until recently I have been wearing Tena Slip Small (goes up to 36 inch waist) but my problem is whenever I put them on, they barely fit (I am a 32 inch waist) and even when I re-adjust or whatever the back is always loose. Am I doing anything wrong or should I try to find Tena Slip Mediums at...
  12. S

    Help with baby sizing?

    I'm about a 25" waist, 105lbs. I was wondering if any variety (cruisers, baby dry, etc) of the size 6 of Huggies/Pampers or 4T/5T PullUps would fit without any modifications. If so, would would be the largest and/or have the best capacity? I love the look of real baby diapers, but the medium...
  13. N

    diaper sizing

    OK so here's the deal -- uaually i wear medium Bambinos. They're great for me in every sense except one -- the tapes on them only go around the front as far as my hip bones. I have a 36 waist. Ideally, I'd like to find a diaper with tapes that got around me more, so the tapes weren't almost...
  14. NikonFilmPhotog

    Proper Fitting Of A Diaper

    I have purchased both medium and large from Bambino and wanted to get an opinion on what size I should order now. I'm a waist size 38 and the mediums fit tight and cut into my legs which is slightly painful in the groin are due to my large butt. When I put the mediums on 1-2 tapes will stretch...
  15. anotherpuppy

    Pup needs help! CVS sizing?

    Mrp! This is my big debut here, I guess! :tailswish: Pup has been trying to search existing posts but thinks "CVS" is too short a keyword and causing much fail. :sad: Pup would like to pick up some CVS "Men's Underwear Super Plus Absorbency" and CVS "Day & Night Adjustable Underwear" [or...
  16. blah

    Bambino sizing question?

    I know, I know... lots of threads already about Bambinos... :( Sorry. I think my question's valid, though. If I were considering purchasing Bambinos, what size should I get? I'm a 32 in the hips (I'm a girl, so that's the widest part of me), so I'm at the top end of their small (22-33 inches)...