1. SapphireGlitter

    Diaper and plastic pants size help (im literally between sizes)

    Ok so I know this question has been done to death. But in kinda a special case In between sizes with several brands since in a 36 inch waist *HOWEVER* I'm also tall being 6'5" and very thin being underweight at 180 pounds as well as wearing them for every day use walking around etc I'd be also...
  2. C

    Some Nappy advice please?

    So I live in the UK and have been using Drynites for maybe a year now on and off. I have wanted to try adult nappies for a while now instead of just pull-ups. I have been looking at maybe tena slip maxis? I was just wondering if anyone could help me pick the right one for me :) ... -I don't wet...
  3. TheHayleeRaven

    Mainland Europe diaper sizing

    I am spending a year in France for university and I wanted to know does anyone know what diaper (size) I need for 32 inch waist. I know that Tena is the popular one in Europe and if you have those sizes that would've great. I know that this is a fairly popular thread but could not find it...
  4. KiriCake

    Baby Diaper Sizing

    Hihi! So due to my current living situation, I have to buy diapers in stores rather than ordering nice ones online. I've only ever used adult diapers before, but I'm craving the fun colors and prints of baby diapers. Many people on the internet have said size 6 generally fit them, but quite...
  5. L

    Finding pullups for the girlfriend

    First, a little background. My girlfriend recently asked me what my most unusual fantasy about her is, and I confessed to her that one weird fantasy I had was seeing her in a pullup while we did... non PG-13 things. (Filtering for the site, haha) I am not a DL myself, but the idea of seeing my...
  6. leffykit

    clothing sizes

    This is an issue im sure we all face at some point, it can be a real headache trying to find clothes that fit, especially if you're genetically male, so what do you all do in regards to getting the fit right or finding that perfect skirt or top in your size? Personally Im a bit stuck at the...
  7. P

    Guide To Diapers

    Hopefully this won't sink to the bottom of the forums like a stone but here goes. I figured we need a place, I guess like a bible to have a comprehensive review of any diaper/nappy we have ever used. This can make buying new diapers, or first time buyers life a little less stressful. If we do...
  8. Transponyprincess

    Should I try adult diapers or stick to Goodnites?

    I'm considering giving the adult diapers you can only buy online a try, but I'm a bit concerned about whether or not they will fit. My choice is going to be either Bambinos or ABU Cushies with the most babyish design they offer. I am well aware from having read other threads on here that ABU has...
  9. S

    Diaper Size Guide

    Hi, you can find a sizing chart for many adult diapers at the Adult Diaper Size Guide. I hope you find this useful.
  10. xxLunacy

    Huggies nappies sizes?

    Theres's probably another post identical to this, but I couldnt find it. :/ Right. I live in australia and I dont want pull ups. I want actual, real, tapes at the sides, kind of nappies/diapers. And the only option in stores here, it seems, are pull ups.. which I don't want, or baby diapers. and...