1. S

    (UK) Pampers Baby Dry S8 vs Active Fit S6

    Provided you can fit the top end of baby nappies . Baby Dry Size 8 Pros : Long length , Longer Tabs Cons: Weak tab sticky , Weak landing zone glue , Thin width on tab leading to deforming Active Fit Size 6 Pros : Significantly Stronger tabs , Much stronger landing zone glue , Wide tab...
  2. B

    Rearz brand can I wear them?

    Hi there! I'm new to the website and forums, I've been interested in purchasing some Rearz Princess diapers but was wondering if anyone had them in size M and willing to test the waistline for someone on the slim/petite side? My waist is about 20-22 inches, hips around 25-26 inches and I really...
  3. F

    Waist 26×40

    How do I measure my waist? Mine is 32 if I wear it on belly button but what's 26×40
  4. Drynites96

    Wrong diaper size

    I went to a Drug Store yesterday to try some new diapers. Those are cloth-backed Slips in size M-L for Waist sizes between 95 and 140 cm. I've tried them last night and they're waaaayyyyyy too big for me. (I'm a very short and pretty thin guy: around 70-75kg ,or 154-165 lbs at 1,67m or 5ft 6in...
  5. W

    Goodnites S/M vs L/XL

    Im skinny with a 28 inch waist I know i can fit into a medium goodnites but i was wondering if i wore a large goodnites if it would over more area like a diaper sized for me would
  6. P

    33-34 inch waist

    What diaper do you think would fit me, I don't know if I should go up to a medium because I'm afraid it won't fit and I will waist my money. Thanks!
  7. Argent

    Diapers size by numbers

    Hi all, Just saw the Rearz Safari on the Bambinos site and noticed they have a size number against them starting at size 8 for small. I get babies/children's diapers in the US are listed by numbers maybe excluding prem from size 1 to 6 with a nominal size 7 from Pampers but I always figured...
  8. D

    Thought I sized correctly

    Hi I have been wearing a brand called Softi in South Africa. They are cheaper premium nappies I can get at Dischem. Different nappy brands are very limited in South Africa. We don't get abdl nappies like the rest of the world. And to import abdl nappies is way to expensive. I was wearing...
  9. Christophuur

    abu sizing

    Lucky Enough, I can finally afford ABU's, BUT, I have no clue which size to go with. I know for a fact I fit perfectly in the Abena M4's, molicare super plus mediums, and tranquility atn mediums. But when viewing ABU's Sizing guide, they claim that the medium simple fit's waist 28"-36", while...
  10. K

    Issue with the sizing

    Hello everyone. I recently ordered a couple of diapers from two different manufacturers to check what it'd be like to wear them (first purchase ever), and I ran into a pretty major issue. Note: I live in the Netherlands, so any sizes here are in centimetres. Sorry about that. I hope they still...
  11. G

    What size Depends Fitted Briefs?

    I've never purchased diapers with tapes before and can only buy in-store at the moment, so I'm planning on purchasing Depends Fitted Briefs. However, My waist size is EXACTLY between the two sizes offered, (S/M 19-34 and L/Xl 35-49) so my waist is about 34 and 1/2 inches. Can anyone tell me...
  12. Sitherus

    I want it but they do not include sizing charts!

    Okay, so I found this epic dress Apple Bottoms Pink Ruffle Rhinestone Summer Rope Petite Strap Sexy Dress | eBay but, they do not include a sizing chart. To make things worse they are only using word sizes ie medium small ... Also I am a 6 foot 5 male and don't know what to do as women tipically...
  13. C

    Some Nappy advice please?

    So I live in the UK and have been using Drynites for maybe a year now on and off. I have wanted to try adult nappies for a while now instead of just pull-ups. I have been looking at maybe tena slip maxis? I was just wondering if anyone could help me pick the right one for me :) ... -I don't wet...
  14. Z

    Resizing your body?

    I am not sure how to put this or explain this but let me give this a shot... So I am 24 years old I am about 5'9 I weigh about 170 My waist size is about 32-32 One what baby diapers "could" fit me Two any way to slim down while still being healthy IF you guys have any experience with this...
  15. RoamingHermit

    Slight Problem With Cloth Diaper...

    Hi! I recently bought two contour cloth diapers online (Amazon). They just came in the mail, but I have a slight problem. I went to take them out and I noticed that they are BIG! The waist fits me perfectly, but the length appears to be too big. It goes up to half of my tummy and is very loose...
  16. foxytiger

    Baby diaper sizing (pampers size 7)

    Hello peoplez of the magical community of magic. I had a question about baby diaper size. If you wear pampers size 7, then what is the weight limit to them. If someone can answer, then that would help me. Thanks :):smile1:
  17. D

    What Are The Perfect Baby Diapers For Me?

    I am 128 pounds and I'm a 30-40 inch waist. I am skinny though. I was thinking about buying: Pampers Crusers size 7 (because of it's "super stretchy sides") Parent's Choice size 6 or Fisher-Price Happy Days Size 6 (because they're cheap) Huggies Baby-Shaped or Supreme Size 6 Luvs size 6 Huggies...
  18. BabyCorry

    Good customer services from Bambino, yet again.

    Well, sort of. I emailed Bambino last night with some suggestions, because at least compared to other diaper companies they listen to what we want very well. I already got a responce, about 18 hours later. That alone is what I'd call pretty good service, even though I didn't get the responce...
  19. FievelandTonyAB93

    Question for anyone about the diaper size

    I have bought a 96" tape measure last night and decided to measure my waist. My waist is measured approximately 42". I thought of wanting to get diapers from AB Universe since the prices there are cheaper (although some people say that Bambino is better in terms of absorbency and overall...
  20. F

    Diaper Size problems

    Hi everyone!:) I need advice in wich size i should have in diapers. My hip size is 37"-38" I was going to order a sample package of Fabine exclusive and the sizes are: Large 44.9 "-57.9" and Medium is 31.5 "-43.3" in hip sizes. Should i try medium or large? what do you think? regards Frida