size comparison

  1. Neet

    abu sizing

    Lucky Enough, I can finally afford ABU's, BUT, I have no clue which size to go with. I know for a fact I fit perfectly in the Abena M4's, molicare super plus mediums, and tranquility atn mediums. But when viewing ABU's Sizing guide, they claim that the medium simple fit's waist 28"-36", while...
  2. Sitherus

    I want it but they do not include sizing charts!

    Okay, so I found this epic dress Apple Bottoms Pink Ruffle Rhinestone Summer Rope Petite Strap Sexy Dress | eBay but, they do not include a sizing chart. To make things worse they are only using word sizes ie medium small ... Also I am a 6 foot 5 male and don't know what to do as women tipically...