1. emii

    Suggestion How about an API?

    Hey, first of all, I'm sorry that I am posting here as a new member, I understand my opinion doesn't count for much, but I did a quick search a found no similar threads. My question is, have you considered, or maybe even have, a public API for accessing site data remotely? Either open, or...
  2. L

    ABDL Match scam and new dating site for ABDL community opinions.

    Hello! Many of you know site ""? ive read and saw my self that that site "smells funny". Many people here knows that site might be huge scam, and dont like it at all (me included). So, because i got angry with that site, and there isnt many legit ABDL dating sites (mostly only...
  3. M

    Suggestion ADSIC-First Impression (site alteration idea)

    First of all, I am very much aware that we don't have someone available for coding as of yet. I would simply like to get some 'air-time' and feedback on this idea, that I just hatched out, in the following thread. From...