1. ozziebee

    How do I come out to my sister?

    My sister will be moving in with me soon, and I feel compelled to tell her about my AB side. She already knows about my nappy wearing for IC, and seems accepting of it. We talk a lot about my IC issues, and we joke about my nappy wearing. Why do I feel the need to tell her about my AB side...
  2. B

    heyyyy I'm Bobby!

    My name is Bobby. I am abut 2 years old and like to dance. I really love drawing. :) I'm here because I want to make some friends, especially girls :laugh: I have two brothers and my mum left when I was young, I would love some girls to talk to... hopefully that doesn't sound weeird...
  3. FievelandTonyAB93

    Found out and accepted by my older sister

    I didn't tell her about my adult baby syndrome, but she asked me questions about it when she discovered a comment I posted on AB Universe's Facebook page (it was shown on her feed). I deleted the comment and then hid all my activities with AB Universe on my profile. She asked me if I have a...
  4. Green

    Debating whether to confront my sister about her lover for diapers.

    I am very certain my sister is a diaper lover. A while back she found my stash (amazingly) the last person I know who went into my room was my sister. So sure enough I found many of my diapers used under her bed and the package in her drawer. I couldn't believe it I was shocked yet happy. And...