sissy baby

  1. ItsyBitsyBabySara

    sissy baby

    Hi Hi I is an adult baby. I am a sissy baby girl cause I love the colorful and cute clothes that baby girls wear. I am a cry baby, a needed baby and a busy baby. I've always since I could first remembered I wanted to be a baby but I decided not to tell my family about it even at age 4...
  2. KittyninjaW

    Is it weard to have multiple fursonas?

    Hey guys, The thing is i have different fursonas/littlesonas which to be honest Depend on what i feel that day, I have a little girl side and a bit of a sissy baby-fur ninja kitty Fursona, as well as a cat boy fursona, a dog fursona witch is the adopted brother of the sissy fursona, and a cat...
  3. Sitherus

    i found the perfect diaper for me

    I was looking at diapers on ebay and found a dependeco diaper i fell in love with. Its Pink ans super cute. Its mlp and i dont watch that show or know what its about other than like a power puff girls with horses. I went on their site and found it...
  4. B

    Hey everyone , greetings from Toronto Canada

    Many thanks to Crinklemoo for advertising this site [Removed], ive been into this for 12 years and never heard of this place
  5. I

    Hello everyone!

    Hey im new to forums im not shy online but i can be a bit in person or skype. I love diapers and i am a bit of a sissy. I enjoy Bdsm also. I would love to become more comfortable in-person and just get to talk with fellow people.
  6. B

    Welsh AB/SB wishing to say hello

    I'm a slim/slightly adult who enjoys shared fun with those who enjoy babying timid adults and helping them to be the babies they are meant to be.