sissy babies

  1. L

    Lukey 💖🍼(new here)

    Hi mommies and daddies (and everyone in between), I’m Luke - but you can call me Lukey or Lucy. I’m a 20 year old male college student living in Los Angeles and this is my first time posting on an AB/DL forum. I’ve been into crossdressing and pampers for a while, and i’m hoping to meet some...
  2. ABAlex2

    Candid Photo

    (So I basically made up on the fly for this picture a few years back, but its still sort of fun so I figured I'd post it here) OW! OW! OW! Alex shouted as he endured his spanking. He squeezed his eyes shut and gripped the chair legs underneath him. He swore it was worse each time. Why did this...
  3. KittyninjaW

    I think I did it, This time for real

    Hello It's me, I honestly feel scene i posted my latest forum, things are looking up! I honestly Feel awesome and i accepted my self more. BTW, In case your wondering what Was bothering me, It was my younger brother. To be fair It was honestly hard, to see him as a seprete entity not under...
  4. KittyninjaW

    Fedishes and stumbling blocks

    Hello, me again. First off, Sorry I haven't been commenting but i have had a lot on my mind, mostly college but there have been stumbling blocks along the way, however i have made it through, another thing is that there have been veaorus sissy/lg fetishes or whatever there called that kinda...
  5. S

    saying hi!

    hi, my name is steven, but i prefer stephy. im a 26y old submissive sissybaby. im looking for some people to chat with, share some stories etc etc. i'm from belgium, if there are people here who live near me, pls dont hesitate to contact me... you'll never know what happens kisses stephy
  6. Sissyjessica4

    Perk of being single on Valentines day

    It is always better to have that special someone on this day, but if you are single enjoy some of the perks. Example, yesterday I bought a beautiful dress and the cutest plushie and not a single person questioned my motives.
  7. B

    potential sissy Teen baby

    Hello, I've been interested in ab/dl things for a while now, but i have always been afraid of doing anything with it because my parents could find out. I am here to meet other teen babies like me who have the same likes and ideas as i do.
  8. Pokerpro

    Hey everyone :)

    Hello everyone. My name is kyle. I found this site uppon being bored and just looking for something to do. I thought it would be nice to talk to people about this stuff. I'm not obsessed with it. I like to play poker, [removed], I work at a girls clothing store. By the way I'm a guy so its...