sippy cup

  1. BabyKai

    A brilliant invention for sippy cups (and for people who need to hide their ABDL side)

    I've been using these sippy cup lids for a while now and I've just realised that they could really be useful for those who have to hide their ABDL side. These silicon sippy cup lids fit onto any cup and work with hot drinks, fizzy drinks, milk and soft drinks. They're super easy to clean and...
  2. BabyKai

    How much "baby" stuff do you have? Do you have to hide it?

    I've said on my last (and first) post (yes, I'm a newbie) that I'm disabled and live with my parents. It makes it easier to have baby things right out the open without them questioning me. I've never had to hide it and, for those of you who have to, how do you do it? Does it cause a lot of...
  3. B

    I want a sippy cup! D: helpp

    Hi! So I wanna buy a sippy cup! Iv'e never bought one before so should i buy an adult baby sippy cup or is a legit toddle sippy cup a better idea? Also any suggestions would be awesome :D I like babyish and girly ^^
  4. ORBaby

    Tommee Tippee manufactures 20 year old discontinued design for autistic boy.

    Check out this story, some companies do care.
  5. W

    Easy solutions for using AB items in public

    I recently realized that concealing baby items often isn't that hard. Here's a couple of potentially useful ideas I've had. Depending on the type, sippy cups can look an awful lot like regular sports bottles. Anything with a nipple is still a giveaway, and hard spouts will probably still get...
  6. L


    Hi, I recently bought a baby bottle but using it doesn't feel quite right, I much prefer my sippy cup. I really crave drinking from a bottle especially at night when I feel really vulnerable. Do you have any advice on good ways to hold it or lie to make it feel more natural?
  7. C

    Baby formula

    Yesterday while I was changing my diaper I got thirsty but the milk was expired and there was no soda for me to drink out of my sippy cup so I realized that I can get baby formula but I don't know how it tastes I would like an honest opinion so that I don't waste my money on something that I...
  8. C

    Bought more diapers

    I finally bought more diapers because my previous pack of Goodnites have been used up so the other day I went to cvs and I bought a bigger pack of Goodnites with 27 diapers in it and a pack of pull ups with 19 diapers the pull ups actually fit better than I expected only downside is that they...
  9. C

    First paci and bottle along with more diapers

    I went to cvs the other night and I decided to buy myself something I wasn't too sure If I wanted wipes so my diaper changes will be easier or a pacifier or a bottle...I found myself looking around the baby section for a good 5 minutes before I came to a decision I chose a NUK pacifier I think...
  10. LittleMiss

    New Sippy Cup Help

    Hey everybody!! So I'm looking at picking up some new sippy cups :) I'm getting a Disney Princess one, a Winnie the Pooh one and a Hello Kitty one. I want to get two more and have already picked the style, now here's the question:Should I get the pack with blue dinosaurs or pink forest animals...