1. BearTale

    Finally became little on my own

    Today was an emotional day for me. And After a 5 year relationship I had been broken up with it has been 3 months. The emotional part of today is I finally learned to become little without a "Mommy" figure and I also realized when I regressed with her during our relationship, although she was...
  2. M

    Hello-o-o-o I'm excited to be back on the site

    Hi everyone, my name is chris. I'm 24 years old buuut I might as well be 4. Big fan of diapers and pacifiers. ( currently rocking an M4 Abena and my Gen 1 pacifier). I'm a big kid at heart. I came here with the hope of making friends, ANyone can feel free to shoot me a...
  3. D

    Hey Everyone

    Hello everyone, i have been playing with adult diapers for quite some time just in private so this is my coming out post. My real name is Erik i am primarily a diaper lover but also like stuffies and get very attached to them. Also enjoy seeing girls in thick diapers and don't mind changing them...
  4. edgyfox

    Is it normal for a Babyfur to want to stay single?

    I just seem to be happier in life with close friends then in a relationship. But I'm not sure if it's good or bad for a babyfur to want to stay single.
  5. kikee

    Oldest and Newest Member ?

    Am I the oldest new member ? I have been a diaper lover for nearly 60 years, and have been around the ABDL Community, watching it grow and evolve, for over 15 years. - I have participated in a lot of forums such as this one, but i am a brand new kid on the block here. - In my opinion, its the...
  6. TexasToddler

    Hello :)

    Hello hello! Just found this website, finally some other TB/DL's to talk to :) lol funny, Im actually wearing a wet Pampers right now, makes my day :) ANYWAYS, im in Texas, the Fort Worth area to be exact, totally single guy looking for a girlfriend who shares my interest in diapers who wants...