sims 3

  1. K

    AB/DL in Sims?

    I'm just starting to add in some AB/DL characters, and I need to know if there are any specific items I can use for them? I found the diaper mod on here, and I have a pacifier, but that's it. Can anyone direct me to some other items, if there are any? Maybe something like... a bed with bed rails...
  2. PaddedPupShadow

    Sims 3 Diaper Mod, Child Through Elder

    UPDATED! I saw on a previous forum thread that people were looking for some diaper clothes for Sims 3. Well I started messing around with "TSR Workshop" and I was able to make some! It took me a long time but I made them. :) Currently I have made only the male version, I will try to finish the...