1. C

    Woozle Poetry

    *clears throat* Hello dear friends, my name is Wooz and every day I like to snooze I sleep all day and through the news and wake up when there's food to chews but I am dismayed, for I am damp I checked myself I peed my pamp. Thank you and GOOD NIGHT. I'll be here all week. Try the cookies...
  2. MattiKins

    The world's first (and only) ageplay rock band... I think.

    So... Ummm, I kinda did this. And I'm not tooting my own horn, I just like making music and sharing it. Babby Hammer Right now there are two songs, one being a tribute to the Big Little Podcast, the other about my excitement for TeddyCon. I have more songs I'm working on that will tell more...