1. D

    Silent, thick, and absorbent: Diapers for my GF to wear in public

    Hey ADISC, its been a while since I've posted here, my diaper binging and purging has been in a purge for quite some time, largely due to finding a significant other. Her and I have been friends for years and finally got around to making an item of ourselves. Well, long story short, after about...
  2. SilentWhisper

    Code Name: Diapers

    So, yeah. This is completely random but what do you prefer to call your fluff o.o? It's fine to call em diapers but not half fun :P Me first? Aw, thank you <3 Magic Pillows, woot woot. Or as mentioned above fluff :3 Course yes I do still call them diapers when needed.