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    Join the Toy Soldier Army, Today!

    As a fan of Dr. Steel, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this video x) This is probably trash, but im bored, and Dr. Steel is amazing, so deal with it :3
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    Best Quality Screen Capture Software Thats Free?

    Well, I plan to record tid-bits of my current project from me and a few friends :3 Cold-Fusion (the game, not the theory of course xD) is coming up nicely! But I want the absolute best quality I can, from a recorder that doesnt require me to constantly press F9 to keep recording (Fraps >.>) or...
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    Favorite Character Classes in RPG's (Board, MMO, Whatever)

    Very off-topic indeed lol. Im just bored and mainly curious to see if we have any people who like their RPG's and have a class they stick with consistently :p That and Guild Wars 2 is coming closer, and Star Wars: The Old Republic...shew! I prefer paladins of any shape or form o.o Holy...
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    Ello, all that fun stuff :D

    I guess it's time to say hello o.o Hello to all out there! It's nice to meet all of you, and better to see people of similar intrest huh? Well, it's time to ramble a bit so here I go. I am a quite person...but give me a keyboard and im probably the most talkative person ever o.o cept when I...