significant other

  1. L

    Hello! From NE Ohio!

    Hello! I am 24 and I am actually the significant other of a ABDL. We have been dating for 2 1/2 years and I have known for most of the time! I am on here to get to know other “mommies” or significant others that are aupportive and need someone to relate to with experiences! Cant wait to talk!:)
  2. Slomo

    The "right" one?

    So if you find a significalt other, but that person doesn't know about you diapered side, or otherwise can't accept your diaper needs, are they really the right one for you? And how long are you willing to lie to them/youself to keep that false happiness going? Conversely, if you are too...
  3. nightfox320

    Girlfriend Backlash!

    So I posted earlier this year or possibly near the end of last year concerning me coming out as and AB/DL to my girlfriend. She took it well but never mentioned or wanted to talk about it after that afternoon. So for the last couple of months I assumed she was cool with it. So last week, seeing...
  4. nightfox320

    Questions after telling my girlfriend i'm an AB/DL

    Hey everyone hope y'all are doing well. So as the title expresses I am now out to my girlfriend. This isn't a new occurrence, it actually happened after about 4 months of dating, if i remember correctly. As of now we have been going strong for almost 9 months. She is very special to me and I can...
  5. T

    I just told my girlfriend...

    I've been dating my girlfriend for about 9 months, and it was going really well. We had been friends for almost 5 years before we got together, so there was a lot of trust and closeness, even before we took the next step. Thankfully, she's a very open person. Open about her wants and needs, and...
  6. M

    AB/DL Full Time Dom, Interested in Being the Baby

    About 2.5 years ago, I met a girl who's truly the love of my life. She's adorable, sweet, and we're very complimentary in terms of interests and personalities. I am an AB/DL switch, but she's very submissive. Within a few months, her and I were in a full-time dom/sub relationship. She refers to...