1. D

    Has anyone seen these vids before? (Diaper Sighting)

    Hey there! I am new here, but I hope you don't mind! ^_^ I was just wondering if anyone had seen these videos yet. They may seem like just your average, run of the mill parkour videos, but I think you'll notice something a little more... Well, shall we say, crinkly on one of the performers...
  2. MetalMann

    A True Sighting of an Adult Baby when I was Young.

    When I was 14 (about 12 years ago) I worked at a donut shop that my mother had worked at I got in trouble in school and started working there. Anyways... I seen to men walk in an older guy and a 20-30ish year old dressed in shortalls with lots of primary colors including a hat. I think he had a...
  3. closet dl

    A funny sight

    At the risk of being Deekeresque at the mere mention of a DL sighting I am going to pass this along anyway - only because it was pretty funny, I was at the grocery store the other day and on the other end of the baby aisle when I noticed a family of four at the Goodnites. The mom and dad...