1. ABCelaenasWorld

    Macaroons? Or Macarons?

    This is to help me ease up a little bit😩☺️
  2. D

    Hey Everyone!

    Hi, I'm Devin, I'm from Conway, Arkansas, and I'm a diaper lover. I live alone so I can wear whenever i want. Currently im wearing Depends Fitted Briefs as i don't have anything else, however my ideal diaper is abena x-plus or tranquility. I absolutely love working on cars, you guessed it, in...
  3. T

    Hello! :3

    Greetings from San Diego! Anyways, my names Zach, I'm very shy and quiet (I only act myself if i'm completing comfortable around you). I started to become fascinated in diapers when I was about 8, I remember whenever I went grocery shopping with my mom, we would pass the diaper aisle and I would...
  4. SweetPea

    Oh no! Another Babyfur!? >;P

    Hello! So here's the deal: I'm a babyfur. I am also an artist on FA, but I do not plan to tell anyone who I am just yet, if at all. I have been in the ABDL scene for two years, but recently started getting 'active' in it. I don't own many Little things -- just a few t-shirts, and a few...
  5. S

    Trying to get connected

    Joined some time ago, and would really like to be better connected to others in the site. Any advice would be appreciated. My soft and shy character makes it even more difficult to be included. Thank you all.
  6. A

    Hai :3

    My name is Sam, I signed up for this site a little bit ago but I have been too shy/scared to say anything. About a month ago I discovered that there were really other people in the world who loves diapers as much as I did! YAY! Aside from that, I like technology and I am learning to program, I...
  7. B

    It's a GIRL!

    I am Baby Cindy. I am a big sissy tb/dl. I enjoy indulging in my baby side here. I am very quiet and private. And since I am graduating this year. I want to start opening up and learning more about the lifestyle. Since I don't want to live and be afraid of it. Can't wait to meet everyone :cool:
  8. ShyBuizel

    Ummm Hai ?

    Uhh Yeah..... Well my name is Michael but you can call me my username if its easier? I have furry interest but am not very open about it. Ugh forgive me because i am horrible at introductions. I am 18 and a senior in high school. Relating to my username I am EXTREMELY SHY! I hate talking to new...
  9. HexinaLaertes

    ummmm.. hai?

    uhhhhhhhh.... hewwo... >.<" i'm Hexina Laertes (aka CuppycakeTheBabyFur on SecondLife) for those that don't know me or might know me but unsure... i am here because i am SLIGHTLY incontinent, a babyfur, a diaperfur, and obviously a diaper lover... alas... i have yet to get my first diapie...
  10. E


    im new and shy, like girls in dprs
  11. leicesterfan

    How would you describe you personality? (Part 2)

    Here is the second part of the question. How do you feel when you ARE in diapers? I have a developed theory on this and I want to see if it is true. Again, feel free to post comments etc underneath
  12. leicesterfan

    How would you describe you personality? (Part 1)

    This is a thing that has always fascinated me. How do you feel when you're NOT in diapers? Please choose the one you feel most suits you from the poll above and then please feel free to post you opinions underneath. After you've completed this, please proceed to this thread and answer the...