1. Llayden

    Adult Diapers not for sale anymore

    So, I have been out of my home country (US) for quite some time now without very much downtime and was looking forward to being home again. I have returned to a drought though, a famine of proportions that I was un-aware. There do not seem to be any stores selling adult diapers anymore! I...
  2. Pamperable

    Shortage of ABDL premium diapers

    Wow, Bambino has been out of mediums of Teddys, Classico, etc., for awhile and ABUniverse are also out of mediums for Cushies and SDKs. Not to mention their Fabine Exclusives have been lost in space for the past 6 months or whatever :) (Kinda given up on those.) I suppose it's all just an...