short story

  1. A

    Finished A New Playmate Part 2

    So there I am standing in my room a soaked nappy between my legs having a minor panic attack after the fire alarm ordeal. I stripped down took off the nappy and cleaned myself up putting on a pair of boxers. Then I looked for a different pair of jeans, as the ones I was wearing before were now...
  2. A

    Finished A New Playmate Part 1

    This is a story a wrote a while back and have posted on deviantart, I have since written up to part 12 and would really like some feedback. I would like to say as well that this is based around people I lived with but it is TOTALLY fictional. I hope you enjoy. University gives you a lot of...
  3. selv14

    Finished The Girl Who Wondered If Only

    I had initially posted this story here back in 2010, but never got around to finishing it. After the Admin Axe on the older stories on this site I decided to rework the story into a proper novel, flesh it out, chapterise it and burn some clichés. This is the finished product, which I post in...