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    ABDL Store In New Zealand?

    Hey Kiwis, This is a hypothetical question which will probably not go anywhere - just something I have thought about for a while, and have been wondering how feasible it would be with the market we have. If somebody was to open up an ABDL store in New Zealand, and stock all kinds of ABDL...
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    ABDL Factory (europe)

    This maybe old news to some, but I'm super excited about this online store I found! I'm gonna go ahead and order this sample pack that looks very cheap Diaper Samplepack, all types (benefit package) With the shipping and delivery, it will cost me around 60€ (large size pack, shippping to...
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    Some Nappy advice please?

    So I live in the UK and have been using Drynites for maybe a year now on and off. I have wanted to try adult nappies for a while now instead of just pull-ups. I have been looking at maybe tena slip maxis? I was just wondering if anyone could help me pick the right one for me :) ... -I don't wet...
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    Rite aid diaper spree

    I am gonna leave my friends house pretty soon and I was thinking about going to rite aid to get some stuff. I was think luvs size 6 and maybe a bottle. What should I get? P.S. I need to try and keep it under 30
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    buying diapers in Belgium - Flanders

    Hello, I use Tena or Euron (thuiszorgwinkel). I would like to try other brands. Where do the sell in belgium the next brands (not online but a shop): - Abri-Form Extra Plus, Medium - MoliCare Super Plus, Medium - Attends Slip Regular Plus Special Care ,medium - Kolibri Comslip Special, Medium...