1. Travis9800

    Does any one else shave or wax their crotch?

    Is this a thing? The other night, after a long days work, I decided to .. you know! But I wanted to savour the moment & the feeling. I'd been refusing to wear for a good few weeks & thought why not shave as much hair off to get as close a feeling to the diaper as possible? I may have gone OTT...
  2. Cthulhu

    Is shaving back there a good idea?

    I will be home alone for a week starting tomorrow (first time wearing in 5 months!), so i will be wearing every night and as much as possible during the days. It's impossible for me to clean up after #2 without taking a shower, because of the hair back there. I've thought about shaving, but i'm...
  3. M

    Shaving and a physical

    So, I have a complete physical coming up. I have been shaving completely below the waist and don't plan to let it grow back out before the appointment. Anybody ever have a doctor comment about shaved legs and groin on a male? I'd like to wear a diaper but since I don't really medically need...
  4. MatalicPebble


    I know there is a thread on hair removal but it is more for the permanent hair removal. I would like to know how I should continue shaving. I just shaved my legs and a few other places. I used an electric shaver first and then I used a normal razor. I used rubbing alcohol to make sure that the...
  5. tadhgaby

    Curious about experiences with Inhibitif hair removal

    Yesterday I saw an ad of TV for this product called 'inhibitif'. It is a liquid spray that is intended to inhibit the growth of hair in a matter of weeks. I picked up a bottle to give it a try and will report back, but I was curious if others have used it or their experiences with it. As an aby...
  6. MatalicPebble

    pubic hair shaving Opinions

    I seen a lot of old threads of good advice but I am curios. How many of you shave to make diaper changing easier? I recently shaved before I gave up diapers for a while. This was part of it but a big part of it is because of credit. I should be able to wear again soon since I plan on paying it...
  7. EmilyL

    How many of us here keep ourselves shaved from the neck down?

    Curious to see how many people on here keep themselves shaved from the neck down. This doesn't need to include the armpits, but technically it's in the same area. For the ones that do, what razer/cream do you use and what tips can you offer to maintaine this state? Also would you recommend any...
  8. D


    What are people's opinions on shaving their diaper/nappy area??
  9. EmilyAdella

    Another Hair removal options thread help please

    Anyone have experience with specialty pubic razors meant for down their and under arms etc. I am asking as I have been using a trimmer and regular razor their for a while, yes a separate set than ones for my face. But I would like to be barer(?) and softer than what those solutions have been...
  10. NikonFilmPhotog

    Question On Incontinent Shaving

    In my studying and reading online it is recommended that you shave your hair when wearing to prevent odors being absorbed into the hairs. Do those of you that are incontinent keep clean shaven all of the time to stop any possible smell absorption or is it really not needed?