1. I

    hello I´m new here!!

    Hello I am a quiet guy who likes to cook and play guitar in my day off and now in winter i also do snowboarding. I work as a chef for many years and i really enjoy it and i feel good to work with something that i love. I like to use diapers but i can´t use them as much as i want because i share...
  2. SicartheaSpikefan

    Random things you've noticed, or think you've noticed about the ABDL community

    Lots of people have mommys Lots of people watch MLP Lots of people had a bad childhood OR had something bad happen in their childhood. Lots of people had many accidents in their childhoods Lots of people had to wear diapers as punishment These are some things I have noticed, are they true for...
  3. SicartheaSpikefan

    Music thread?

    Music Thread Post your favorite album share what you are listening to at the moment. (myth) Post your best music VIDEO (Björk - I Miss You) Post...
  4. wwetbed

    Suggestion (Share) Welcome to ADISC banner (photoshopped from Welcome to Las Vegas sign)

    Hey Everyone! I photoshopped the "famous" Welcome to Las Vegas sign (which dates back to 1959) to make it: Welcome to (fabulous) ADISC! background info on the original Welcome to Vegas sign: and...
  5. Rocky

    Does anyone work at a place that sells diapers?

    I don't really know if there's already a post like this or not... I thought about posting this in the AB section, but it's technically for people 18+, and I'm 17... Does anybody here work at a place that sells diapers? Like Walmart, Shopko, K-mart, CVS, Walgreens, Shopko Express, or any other...