1. N

    Hi I'm New

    Hey all. I am new and have never talked about this to anyone in my life ever. I like desperation wetting... and yeaaaa.... wearing diapers. Awkward...... my gender is... interesting - I wouldn't call myself a typical male. I like both sexes, men more so than women because women have more...
  2. TabulaRasa2017

    You are okay: ABDL, sex, shame, and acceptance

    Hello everyone, I feel I need to preface this post in a few ways. First, I’m going to talk about sexual feelings, but I will keep it PG-13 and this is not intended to be anything other than exploring the connection between shame, ABDL, and personal acceptance. However, fair warning, this...
  3. G

    How to help my ABDL partner love himself

    Hi All! I'm new here and I joined because I'm trying to help my abdl boyfriend acept himself. I didn't know what abdl was before my boyfriend came out to me over 2 years ago and simce then I've been really intrigued! I'm so excited to play with this but he still goes through some seriois self...