1. Slomo

    To tell, or not to tell

    This is a question that comes up often. Unfortunately it isn't an easy question to answer. And to get that answer, there are a few big variables that need to be answered first. First, you need to understand what diapers even mean to you individually. Do you wear them as part of a kink or sexual...
  2. TabulaRasa2017

    ABDL Acceptance - A Language of Love

    Hello my little friends, I wanted to write down some thoughts I’ve had lately on my coming to accept being ABDL. Part of this is admittedly selfish – I need to write this to you for myself to feel validated. But I hope in some small way this may help those who are going through what I’ve been...
  3. dlissexy

    joining again

    its strange how these things happen. i was a DL sub fetishist for a while and now thanks to a long term history of training constipation there is a risk of possible faecal incontinence unless actin is taken. So i am taking actin and also want to connect with others who understand. i also...
  4. WetEmily

    My fiancee is giving me 5 days of 24/7! Tips?

    Ok, so here's some background. My fiancee has gotten a lot more comfortable with my diaper use over the last few years. I've worn the quite a bit over that time but because we've been a long-distance couple nearly the entire time my diaper use around her is limited. Mainly because me wearing...
  5. W

    isle of wight united kingdom

    Hi every one :) I'm a diaper lover living on the isle of wight, feeling very isolated in my addiction and would love chat with other diaper lovers in portsmouth southampton and esspecially the isle of wight.
  6. TeenBabyMax

    When Being An Teen Baby Goes To Far

    Im a simple baby and just sometimes i want to be treated like one but who doesnt here. And i would love to have a mom because women are nurturing by nature but we all know it would be very rare for me to find one of those. but, im afriad of daddies in this Fetish/ life style. i know they would...
  7. xtrabulk

    A message from my wife

    So. I've been pestering the missus to get an account so she could do this herself, but an account seems to be across the line for the foreseeable future. So, at the risk of not being believed, (I'll try not to care) I'll share a couple thoughts. I'll try and keep this short. We have come to the...
  8. TheOtherNinja

    DLism leading to IC in sex?

    Not sure if a thread like this already exists, but couldn't find anything upon searching, so here goes... I am female DL and have found that since starting to indulge in mastrubating in a diaper, I have discovered that when I get too excited, I loose control of bladder and sphincter. Bladder...
  9. N

    Concerned Diapers are causing problems :/

    Okay first of all sorry for posting such a private topic but its been stuck on my mind worrying me for too long now. :/ Previously I wore diapers 24/7 for months on end. I used to always be able to get an erection normally before i started wearing them but now im finding that i can only really...
  10. L

    sex with daddy?

    if ur in love with the daddy that treats u like a baby should i have sex with hm? even if i want?