1. TrickCyclist

    First attempt at sewing

    My first attempt at sewing some waterproof pants.
  2. LilScapegrace

    Up sizing baby clothes?

    I love those simplicity, Butterick, mccalls, children's clothes pattern books! They have such adorable clothes and i want some for myself! Only issue, i have no idea how to size up any of the measurements. Does anyone know how to do this? Is this even possible? I feel like it is...
  3. KnappFlannel

    My Sewing Thread: AB Clothing and Diaper Projects (pic heavy)

    This is where I will keep track of my ab / little pattern drafting and sewing projects going forward and will be updated I as make things. Feel free to comment or ask any questions. Have an idea for a kind of clothing/diaper you can’t locate anywhere else? Comment or shoot me a msg, and if...
  4. PrincessRosalind

    Any diaper tips?

    So I bought the largest size of a bunch of baby diapers and pull-ups because people said skinny kids could wear them, always comparing waist sizes, mines only 26”, not realizing a big booty will completely stop that from happening haha. Now, my problem is, I live with my parents still because...
  5. L

    Hello :) DL Talor and designer

    Hello :D Im Fen. Diaper lover and babyfur(~10) I've recently taken my sewing hobby to new heights buying PUL material and making Pullups for myself and others. My hope is to get some snaps and a snap tool and make reusable diapers. In case your curious about commissions I am on Telegram...
  6. MatalicPebble

    AIO cloth diaper question

    .....I have been wearing cloth diapers for a while now and learned a lot. Particularly how to wash them. I noticed how its better to pre-soak them to prevent oder stains. I also am looking into sewing my own generally because I can't always afford buying new ones when they wear out. It is a lot...
  7. MatalicPebble

    Cloth diaper Sewing idea

    .....So I got this idea for a project to launch me back into sewing. I found myself talking about sewing to some of my co workers at my job. I did not talk about diapers mind you but I talked about embroidery and sewing in general. I still want to get better at sketching so that I can make my...
  8. MatalicPebble

    Sewing Tripp style

    Its driving me crazy how the company is doing their styles now and how much they cost. I managed to get good enough at sewing to get into cloths but I cant for the life of me find a DIY on this that mentions the best fabric to use. I want something as close to Tripp material as I can get but all...
  9. MatalicPebble

    How did you get started? (Sewing)

    In my opinion the best way to learn sewing is to do everything by hand without a sewing machine. I learned how to sew by doing it by hand first. I started with quilts when I was getting serous about learning. I later got into stuffed animals and hand bags. Now I am working my way into sewing...
  10. T

    aidankid's patterns?

    It seems like he took all his stuff down... Anyone know how I could contact him/other ways to get his patterns? Failing that, where could I find other good onesie and/or romper patterns? Or instructions for how to scale up baby and kid-sized patterns? (Actually, if anyone has that, it'd be great...
  11. spdyturtle11

    trying to sew a diaper. first attempt.

    So I want to try and sew a diaper and was looking for some hints and or tricks. The one question i was wondering about was how to replicate the "poop pocket" that are on some disposables. (e.g. how much extra room should there be to catch it). Thanks for the help and wish me luck ;)
  12. MatalicPebble

    Sewing patterns

    I am really looking for adult baby patterns. I looked on etsy and only could find the two I listed below. I think I am going to go crazy if I don't find another pattern. I may end up getting patterns for babies and re-size them. That will take time since when resizing things you have to correct...
  13. M

    New to the forum, wanted to show you guys what I'm working on!

    Hi everyone! like the username suggests, I'm a mommy. I try to be as supportive as I can be to my baby (he introduced me to this whole wonderful world) but I haven't really been able to put my sewing skills to use until just now (we've just recently moved out and in together! Hooray!!). Anyway...
  14. xtrabulk

    Aidenkid's Onesie Pattern

    Hi! I bought the Onesie pattern on etsy. My intent (because everyone wants one, and no one has one, and I'm kinda a dick) was to totally disseminate it. However, the guy was so cool, I just can't screw him over. It was only 15 bucks, is 66 pages long, and my lovely wife says its top-notch. I...
  15. LuckyLilSailorGirl

    Found some sewing inspiration (SO EXCITED!)

    Hey girls! I just wanted to share something I found. :o I was on vacation, shopping with my mom at Macy's, and I found the CUTEST jumpsuit. And the second I saw it, I thought, "Not only is this thing adorable, but it would make a great sewing pattern!" Here it is! I'm thinking I'll just...
  16. Tygon

    The DIY Thread

    I was going to share photos of some things I made recently, but thought this would be a much more interesting thread if other people would share *B things that they have made as well. I see a few people have cool stuff scattered around in the gallery, but there's no collection of it. So, let's...
  17. Tuples

    Bad experience with Cosy and Dry?

    Anyways I just bought a romper from cosyndry and I quite disappointed with the quality of the product. For 80$ CAD I would have expected the workmanship to be far higher. After only one week of use one of the snaps has already broken. Furthermore, the inside of the romper is not soft cloth, as...