sesame street

  1. DiaperedElmo

    The Effects of Watching Children's TV Long Term

    Since around February this year, I've been watching Sesame Street on a regular basis. Sometimes I watched Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood from time to time, but mostly Sesame Street. I've noticed quite a few differences in my self after watching Sesame Street for around 6 months. When I watch...
  2. barrythebumblebee

    sesame street clothing

    Hi guys back again ^-^! Okay so I just had to let all my little abdl friends know that I found sesame street clothing at sears for girls. I just picked up some elmo and cookie monster panties and they look super cute over diapers plus I got a cookie monster pj set and bra cx. Ugh they are way...
  3. C

    Baby formula

    Yesterday while I was changing my diaper I got thirsty but the milk was expired and there was no soda for me to drink out of my sippy cup so I realized that I can get baby formula but I don't know how it tastes I would like an honest opinion so that I don't waste my money on something that I...
  4. Rosalina

    Diaper lover?

    Ok, so my boyfriend is going along with the dare ( ) and he loves seeing me in baby diapers, he thinks its cute. I have pampers cruisers with sesame street on them. He thinks I look so adorable in them he has me send pictures. Does...