1. A

    Selling Adult Diapers

    Hello - I have several unopened packs and cases of adult diapers, looking to sell. Does anyone know of a place that buys adult diapers (beyond ebay or craigslist)? This forum or a medical surplus company? We are in the Long Island NY area. Thank you, - Andrew.
  2. H

    Could we have a place for selling, buying, trading diapers here?

    Perhaps we could have a place on here for selling, buying, and trading diapers? I am a diaper collector and like to get diapers from all over the world. This is a good site for people all over the world with diapers as an interest and it would be great to have a place to acquire new items...
  3. captainpollution

    Retrogamers take note: thinking of selling my Atari 2600

    So, I just recently acquired an Atari 7800. For the past 7 years I have owned an Atari 2600 (Darth Vader Model), and I am getting pretty desperate for cash as I don't have a job right now. Should I sell the Atari 2600? Provided it's sold to an individual that I trust will take care of it...